About us


We are Digital Marketing Agency Dallas, an agency built with results at the forefront. DMA was founded by Nick Jones and Mark Wyman, both originally based in London, England. They started separate journeys throughout the digital marketing world and crossed paths on numerous occasions through mutual doorways.

As young and ambitious young men in an industry designed to assist others, Mark and Nick worked on various collaborative efforts and partnerships. Whilst working with various agencies and marketing for various companies, they both shared the feeling that many of those they were working with did not share that same PASSION for helping people.

They decided to start their own agency… DMA.

It was (and still is) essential that the blueprint of their business is built around the needs of their clients, as the number 1 value. They have an understanding that ensures that both tirelessly strive each day for the results and success of those they serve.

By taking up any of the services DMA provide, you can be certain and at ease that your best interests are at the heart of every step they take. From the analysis and research stage to the production and maintenance of a campaign, maximum effort is given in order to achieve results for you and grow your business online.